Raising your Vibration and Boosting your Luminous Energy Field

How to Raise your Vibration and Boost your Luminous Energy Field.

Keeping your Energy in and Intrusive Energies out.

Saturday 24th February 2024. 10am to 4pm
at Worcester Wellness

This year I am introducing a new workshop to address a need that has been growing for some time.

Many people ask me how to "insulate" or protect themselves from the energies of other people or some environments, such as offices with a lot of electromagnetic activity including wifi.

This includes situations where you may feel over impacted by other peoples "emotional" energies, where you work around people who are often "stressed" or where you work with people who are experiencing difficulty with their mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Sometimes we might experience other people as "broadcasting" their energies, usually unintentionally and unconsciously. But where you find yourself sensitive to these energies it can be overwhelming.

If you feel you have a heightened "empathic" sense then you will probably relate to this already.

Sometimes our own luminous energy field can be affected and we can experience our energy drifting away, dissipating. We can feel over fatigued a lot of the time without knowing why. There are many causes for this, some quite ordinary, but also many prescribed medicines and some recreational drugs can cause tis effect too.

Some people also experience themselves to be the target of unwanted attentions from others. This can take many forms and includes the familiar experience of another persons jealousy, other peoples persistent "projections" such as criticisms. But also in more extreme forms, experiences such as curses, magic, sorcery and even some of the practices associated with Neuro Linguistic Programming, where these can be misused to manipulate others.

If any of these experiences seem familiar to you, then you may be interested to find out more and participate in one of my vibration raising workshops.

The workshops focus on identifying the triggers associated with our experience and then using practices to both boost our ability to keep these energies out and rase our energetic vibration from the inside to increase the resilience of our luminous energy field.

Please get in touch to find out more:

The cost for the workshop is £95 per person.

How to find the venue :

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