Chumpi Khuya Initations with Joe Molloy Shaman
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Chumpi Khuya Initiation ~ Healing With Chumpi Stones

Chumpi Khuya, Chumpi Stone healing is a traditional Andean healing practice with stones. But learning to work with Chumpi Khuyas is more of an initiation than practice that can be taught. Over time, working with your stones the ancient wisdom of the Andes, the Cosmology of the Incas, and the wisdom of the stones is released to you. They help to attune you and open you to what is needed to bring harmony and balance as you work with your stones.

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There are different ways to work with your Khuyas. In my workshops I will teach you how I learned. I will share my initiation with you. My relationship with Chumpi Khuyas began with initiation from Don Isidro, a Shaman from Ausangate, while I was at Lake Tiitikaka.

Using sets of "7" stones I will guide you to connect with the spirit and energy of the Hanaqpacha, the Ukupacha, the Kaypacha. The three worlds of the Inca. You will learn to call upon and gift the blessings of these worlds and their spirits, the Wisdom of the Masters. The Ever Smiling Heart of the Incas. And so much more.

Chumpi Khuya is a beautiful, harmonising, balancing healing that you can learn to use in your own life, and to share with others.
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Chumpi Stone (Khuya) Healing and other traditional Andean methods of Energy Clearing Workshop

Friday January 12th 2024. 10am to 4pm

You can also join the workshop in April:

Saturday 6th April 2024. 10am to 4pm

Worcester Wellness, Woodend House, Shrawley, Worcester, WR6 6TQ
Google maps link:
Worcester Wellness

You can also view the event here on Facebook: Chumpi Khuya Workshop on Facebook

There will also be an online version of this same workshop the following day on: Saturday January 13th 2024. This will be via Zoom. The time will be set to try to make it as practical as possible for all joining the call, depending on the time zones of participants confirming. Most likely we will begin at or before 4pm UST/GMT at the latest. The online workshop will work a little differently as you can imagine. You will need to book as a pair of participants so that you can practice together through the workshop, you will also need a set of 7 Chumpi stones and a Chumpi belt to participate. If you don't have your own set, and are unable to find one to purchase the you like, I do have a number of sets available for sale and can send these to you ahead of time so you have them ready for January. Please get in contact for more information about both workshop opportunities.

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Join me at the Worcester Wellness Centre for a day working with Chumpi Khuya (stones) and learn other Andean/Inca methods of healing for both self healing and for helping others too.

Chumpi Khuya is a beautiful and ancient healing practice from the Andes. Said to have originated as one of many gifts and practices shared by ancient visitors from the stars to the Andes. Learning to work with them is not just an exercise or practice but an initiation into Andean Cosmology. The stones can be used in many ways for healing and divination, creating, inviting in harmony and balance. Our focus during the day will be on learning and practicing together a method that uses all 7 stones in the set and brings both harmony and balance, as well as the blessings and gifts of the Pachamama, the three worlds, ascended masters and so much more.

Included will also be an introduction to the Solar Activations, Initiations of the Children of the Sun from the Aymara region, the Lake Titikaka area of the Andes as well as working with stones for whole body energy cleansing, Khuya Limpia.

Refreshments, tea coffee etc will be provided. A vegan/vegetarian buffet style lunch will be provided.

Sets of Chumpi stones and Chumpi belts will be available to use on the day. If you have your own set of 7 stones please do bring them to use if you wish. Also 2 stones of your own choosing for the other energy cleansing practices. These should ideally be smooth stones about the size of a golf ball, although they do not have to be "round,"just smooth (ish).

If you wish, sets of Chumpi stones and belts will be available to buy during the day so you can take them home to continue practicing and learning from your practice.

The cost for the day is: £95

For more information and to register please contact me, Joe:

phone/whatsapp: +44 (0)7986 887224

You can find the venue here:
Worcester Wellness,
Woodend House, Shrawley, Worcester, WR6 6TQ, England

For details of workshops or to arrange a 1:1 Initiation and teaching with me please get in contact.

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