Energetic House Place and Space Clearing Workshops
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Energy Clearing for Houses, Homes, Places and Spaces.

Houses, homes, places and spaces hold energy too, just as we do.

Clearing 'stuck' energy from a building or a place helps to create a harmonious home, or workplace environment.

There are different ways to view this work. Some religions and most movie industries have done a good job of dramatising this work, and putting many people on edge. When to the Shaman, this is just "energy in the wrong place."

From time to time, and depending on the availability of a suitable venue to work from I am very happy to share and teach this work. It seems less useful to run this workshop in the same place each time, as there is no 'stuck' or unwelcome energy left to clear after each workshop finishes, and so as students you have very little to work with as you learn the next time the workshop is run from the same place.

I am also very happy to offer my services if you feel there is some kind of energy or spirit that is inhabiting your home or work space and would like help to clear it.

Please get in contact to find out more.

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