Group Journeys Workshops and Retreats in Peru and India
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Group Journeys and Retreats in Peru and the Munay Ki in Goa India

Whether you join me in Peru or India I will take you on an amazing journey of inner and outer personal discovery.

Each year I host and guide groups of people who travel from Europe, America, all over the world to journey with us on our Sacred Group Journeys.

For details about the different group journeys just follow the links on the right to each page.

Our main groups in Peru each year start between April and June. Each of these two week group journeys features a combination of experiences that vary from year to year to include Jungle retreats, journeys through Sacred Valley with the Shaman of the Qero traditions and journeys to explore the land around Lake Titikaka as well as the ancient islands on the lake.

Or join me in January each year on the sun kissed beaches of South Goa where we share the rites of the 'Munay Ki' from our gorgeous beach resort facing the Arabian Sea.

Please follow the links to the right of this page to find out more about the journey that you are interested in.

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