ET stones. The Stones from the Stars
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ET stones ~ Stones from the Stars. The Cosmology of the Incas and the stories of the Extra Terrestrial visitors to Lake Titikaka and the Andes

We usually run short workshops using these stones at the Festivals we take the Shaman Village to. If you would be interested in joining us or finding out more please do get in contact.

The lightening stones in particular are great aides when journeying and we have used them in guided group shamanic journeying, travelling through 'Wilka Uta,' ~ the house of light at Lake Titikaka, also known as 'Amaru Muru,' the Gateway of the Gods, to the 'House of Origin.' The four you see below have been shaped to resemble the artefact stones recovered from ancient places of power in Peru, but they can be used carved or uncarved.

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Wilka Uta (House of Light) also known now as Amaru Muru (Gateway to the Gods)

Peru is populated by many stories that date back long before the time of the Incas, especially places like the Lake Titikaka area, Nazca, Paracas. In many of these places ancient relics, carved stones have been found that depict what appear to be 'alien,' 'ET' like figures and faces.

There are many traditions of working with stones in Peru including my own tradition that flows from the Incas and the Qero, the Royal House of the Sun. On the island of Amantani we have discovered what are called 'lightening stones.' Stones that fall to earth in what appear to be lightening storms, or meteor showers. These particular stones seem unlike all the other stones around the lake and are described all over their surface with latices of 'carved' lines that break up the black colour of the stones themselves.

All of these stones seem to have a particular 'energy' about them and feel to have the quality of being 'activators,' working to influence people, crystals and other stones at the energetic level.

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These Lightening Stones are used by the people of Amantani for decoration but are also prized and sought after many people who work with stones and the energy of stones such as the Shaman, Mesa carriers of the Inca/Qero healing traditions. Stones, just like crystals hold vibrations and these seem to hold the remembered vibration in the land that is said to have been left by the 'Star Brothers,' as the ancient stories of Lake Titikaka describe them. Beings from another place that came to Earth thousands or more years ago.

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Other stones of interest include the famous 'Cintamani' stones, as you see above. The Cintamani stones are said to have come to Earth from Sirius and hold a high vibration of energy that is beneficial in healing, meditation and transformation. Many stories exist about their history linking them to Shambala and the Gobi desert as well as Peru and Bolivia.

We have access to a small number of these stones as well as 'lightening stones' from the island of Amantani in Lake Titikaka. If you would be interested in having one please do get in contact.

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