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Your privacy is important to me and to everyone that I work with which is why I would like to make the following clear.

Privacy Statement.

Any personal information that you have provided to me is kept solely for the purpose that you intended. Signing up for my eNewsletter will get you the occasional copy by email of my newsletter and occasional 'special' eNewsletter updates. Contacting me by email for information or to arrange a session with me means that I will save your email address on my computer so that I can contact you and send you information by email related to your enquiry which may just be a direct email response or a copy of the next eNewsletter when it is published if that seems appropriate to your request.

I do not and never have shared details such as your name, email address or other contact details with any other organisation or person unless you have asked me to do this for a specific reason. Your privacy is important to me and so I do not pass on any of my contact list information to other organisations or businesses.

I do not collect cookies when you visit this or any of my websites. If I decide to do this in the future you will get a notification when you visit the website and can choose to allow them to be collected or not. You can also remove them at any time, from mine or any other persons or organisations website by going through your browser history and removing the visited pages that share the same domain name. That said, third parties such as "Google," "Facebook," "Instagram," "Twitter," may collect "cookies" when you click any of the "like" or "share" buttons on my website. Also GoogleAds will collect cookies as part of my advertising arrangement with them. You can clear third party "cookies" stored on your computer or device by clearing the "cache" memory from your browser.

If you have 'signed up' to my eNewsletter I will send you the occasional email newsletter with details of my work as a shaman. Each eNewsletter contains an unsubscribe link so you can remove yourself from my mailing list at any time if you find the content of the newsletters no longer interests you.

If you have signed up to my eNewsletter I will contact you from time to time asking you to confirm that you wish to continue to receive my eNewsletters and any other communication. This keeps my lists up to date and also ensures you only get the emails in your inbox that you want to receive.

If you have any specific questions about how I manage your personal contact information and privacy please do contact me.

Best regards


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