Create Your Own Medicine Drum
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Create your own Medicine Drum

Medicine Drum making is an ancient and beautiful tradition.

We being at the physical level, creating the actual drum with our hands, but something special happens between the drum and the drum maker in it's creating. A sacred relationship is birthed. The sound of the drum is often heard and felt even before the construction is finished.

Whether you create one or more, or many drums in your life, each has a different voice, personality and gifts. Join us for a special and transformational experience. Birth your drum and step into a new life and way of being yourself too.

The skins we use are sourced from an ethical supplier where the spirit of the animal that the skin is taken from is treated with respect as are the animals themselves. In the spirit of the tradition of the originators of this practice no materials or parts of the animal the skin is taken from are wasted or mis used. The essence of the being that gives its skin to the drum becomes the spirit of the drum. And the spirit animal and the drum maker step into a union together.

Over our two days together you will learn all the practical skills you need to become a drum maker. And will prepare the drum skin and all the materials you will use in order to make your own drum.

The cost of the workshop includes all the materials as well as all the tuition and instruction needed. If the beat of your drum is calling you to join us for our next workshop please get in touch for details and dates of our next workshop.

With much love,


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