Shaman Village with Joe Molloy ~ Mesa Medicine
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The Shaman Village

I began taking the 'Shaman Village' to UK festivals around 2013. It had been an idea of mine for many years, to create a space where people who wanted to connect with the land, to explore ways to deepen their own personal healing journey could come together.

We're easily recognisable at festivals by our brightly coloured flags, our colourful workspaces and pretty white bell tents. These traditions and practices are in themselves beautiful and sweet, helping each of us to shift and shed what no longer serves us, but we've been living and carrying along anyway, helping us to get new gifts from our life experience and journeys. So we like to reflect that in all that we do, including our workspaces.

Every year we take the "Shaman Village" to festivals in the UK where we offer workshops from our camp and workspace as well as from the main arena tents of the Festival. We also offer 1:1 Shamanic healing sessions and a range of interesting talks, meditation and shamanic journeying opportunities.

One of the most popular of our workshops are the gifting of the Munay Ki rites.

In recent years our workshops at festivals have included:

Shamanic Journeying
The Rites of the Munay Ki
Learning how to give (and receiving) Khuya Limpia, energy cleansing massage with stones
Sand Painting, using indigenous American Indian medicine tools to work life issues and themes
Making Dream Catchers
Demonstrations of the Shaman's Healing tools ~ Illumination
How to make and use Despachos to bring balance or mark rites of passage and change
Sacred Sound Sacred Voice
Working with Plant Medicines ~ Connecting with the Spirit of the Plant without needing to ingest it
Journeying and Connecting with the Ancient Visitors who travelled from the stars to lands such as Lake Titikaka
How to have Fire Ceremony
Working with the Four Directions
Making your own Ceremonies
Connecting and Working with Tree Spirits (Dryads) and other Nature Spirits

We've also had a Shamanic Wedding Ceremony

If you would like to know more, or have met us at one of the festivals that we visit each year, usually Buddhafield or REST festival then please get in touch using the 'Contact' page.

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