Join us in Peru this April

Join us in Peru this June/July (2023)
for the Journey of a lifetime

Sacred Valley, Sacred Peru and Lake Titikaka the Sea at the top of the world.

Sacred Valley of the Incas

including Machu Pichu, Moray, Pisac and Cusco,

Lake Titikaka and so much more!

Welcome to Peru ~ the Land of the Children of the Sun!

Sacred Group Journey in Peru through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and overland to Lake Titikaka and the islands of the lake and Retreat at Hampichicuy

June/July 2023

As we all know, this last year has not been a good year for international travel, and while I look ahead "hopefully" to next year, it won't be clear until nearer the time as to whether it will be possible to make our journey together in a way that feels sweet, safe and easy. But our Shamans in Peru are keen for us to come and are looking forward to welcoming us. So, here is too hoping that all will be well.

It is my privilege to present to you this coming years Sacred Group Journey in Peru. The "Land of the Children of the Sun." The Homeland of the Incas and many Andean traditions. A legacy of Andean Wisdom that has been held for thousands of years and is available to us as we travel through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Altiplano, high planes and plateaus around Lake Titikaka, exploring the beautiful landscape and the many ancient sites of the Inca civilisation.

This year we have created an itinerary to provide both the best experience that we can and also quality and comfort at every stage of your journey so that you get to rest, relax and enjoy your journey with us in Peru, getting the most that you can from your experience. Yes, we will spend our days out walking in the hills and across the landscape of the Inca people, but in the evenings you will relax in beautiful and comfortable hotels (Some nights we may be able to arrange camping in the mountains instead, or to stay in the homes of the island peoples at Lake Titikaka)

Our journey together is divided into two parts. We begin in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and then after travelling across the Altiplano we have our journey at Lake Titikaka. Your international flight will land you in Lima, this is your point of entry and exit from the country. After arriving in Lima we will travel to Cusco to begin our journey, in the ancient home city of the Incas.

On arrival in Cusco we will be met by our Shaman' and by our guide who will accompany us as we travel on our private group bus. Our shaman' will hold ceremony for us each day. Supporting us on a journey of personal healing, transformation, change and growth. Taking us on an "inner journey" as we make also the "outer journey of discovery walking the ancient paths through the mountains and over the Pachamama herself.

Please message me by email or using the form below to receive the full journey details.

These journeys are really life enhancing, life changing. I offer them because I love to share this journey with you as well as making this journey myself. These are beautiful life changing experiences.

The accommodation for the group is arranged on a shared room basis. A number of single rooms are available for the whole journey with the exception of the nights when we are camping and staying in the homes of the island people on Amantani, when it may not be possible to arrange single accommodation. A single room supplement will be payable for this option.

For costs and the full itinerary please email me for the brochure and read at your leisure, We are taking our time with planning at the moment as the reactions to coronavirus settle down. But you can register your interest and set up a time with me for a chat to find out more already if you wish.

With much love

Joe Molloy ~ Shaman ~

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Included in the costs are: All accommodation during the group journey and transfers as a group from and to the airport at the beginning and end of the journey. All transport by group bus each day, trains tickets to and from Aguas Callientes for Machu Pichu, all entry tickets to Machu Pichu and the Sacred Sites where required. Motor launch at Lake Titikaka. All camping equipment (where camping is possible as part of the programme) except sleeping bags (You are welcome to bring your own or we can hire these for you at a moderate cost). Breakfast is always provided and included in the journey costs. Each year we vary the itinerary and usually we share picnic lunches while out in the landscape and while visiting the ancient Inca sites. Part of the experience of exploring Peru is the opportunity to browse and shop in the markets and we encourage you to shop for the picnic lunches you will enjoy. We will provide some picnic lunch for us all to share in addition to whatever you may have foraged for or discovered yourself. Evening meals are of your own choosing and not included in the journey costs. All of the expenses paid to our Shaman' except 1:1 sessions that you may book with them. You are of course also welcome to tip them if you wish.

Your deposit secures your place and is accepted on a non refundable basis. In the unfortunate event that you might need to cancel we may be able to transfer your place to another person at your request, which means they can use your deposit and booking, though there may be an administrative charge for doing this. However, we hope that having said "YES" to coming, nothing will stand in your way.

Not included in the costs are: Individual healing sessions with the Shaman (about $50 each time if you wish to have the experience); Domestic and International flight tickets and airport taxes ( We will advise you which flights to get from Lima so that we travel together and also returning to Lima from Juliaca at the end of the group journey) Evening meals are not included in the costs but are available in all of the hotels as you may choose, or in local restaurants when we stay in Cusco and Aguas Callientes.

Accommodation is provided on a shared room basis. A single room supplement is usually payable where there is an option to provide this

Additional entry tickets to Wayna Pichu mountain may be available through advance booking, when we visit Machu Pichu. Availability of these is limited and we will need to know as early as possible to try to get these for you if you wish to climb the mountain for the most amazing views.

Tips, snacks and personal spending, shopping money is not included.

The itinerary is delivered on the understanding that on occasions it may be necessary to make some alternate plans if unexpected conditions arise that prevent the safe and enjoyable delivery of the planned programme, such as extreme weather.

Passports and Visa's. It is possible to gain an entry visa on arrival in Peru. There is no extra charge for this and all that is required is to complete a simple form in-flight before landing in Lima. Please check your passport expiry date. Peruvian authorities prefer that you have at least 6 months left on your passport when entering the country even though we will only be staying a few weeks.

For more details and a brochure please contact me, Joe Molloy

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The Ancient Inca Crystal City of Machu Pichu

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Creating an Altar with our Shamanic Mesas, Medicine Bundles

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