Goa India Group Journeys with Joe Molloy ~ Mesa Medicine
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"Munay Ki"
North Goa, India January each year

Munay Ki

Munay Ki Rites

Rites of the Munay Ki
Munay Ki in Goa January each year
With Joe Molloy

Join us for another week in Goa as we step into the nine great rites of the Munay Ki.

This year (2022) I am offering an extra week, in Goa. As well as the Munay Ki we will work with the Solar Activations, Initiations of the Children of the Sun, and then step into the foundation healing tools of the shaman, beginning the creation of your own mesa, medicine bundle. You can come just for the Munay Ki as usual or join the full programme.

Munay Ki, Solar activations and Shamans Healing tools in Goa January 2022 (Facebook link)

For more details please get in touch.

The Munay Ki are 9 traditional, ancient lineage rites of the shaman of the Incas. They are beautiful energetic empowerments embodying a woven manifestation of love and power. that bring balance and healing into your life. Munay ~ Love, Ki ~ Power. During the week long workshop you will receive all of these rites and also learn how to give them to other people.

How much has changed already in the world we live in, only within our lifetimes? How much more can we imagine is still even possible? The rites of the Munay Ki, empower us and enable us to transition easily with the world around us and within us as we live through these changes. Making it even more possible for greater change to happen in the world around us so that we really can dream a new world into being. An amazing world beyond our imagination but fuelled by our collective dreaming.

During the week we will work mostly from the beautiful beach side location. Set on beautiful, white sandy Goan beaches facing the Arabian Sea where dolphins are a frequent sight.

We will spend time practising the rites and stepping into our own personal healing journey with them, and relaxing and enjoying Goan culture and hospitality too. Additional excursions to some of the ancient Indian sites that embody the archetypical energies of this land, on the coast and some inland will be possible.

We will also have the opportunity to visit some of North Goa's amazing markets including Anjuna Wednesday market and the 'Night market.'

It is also possible to help arrange accommodation at Lamore or other sites if you wish to have a longer stay either arriving earlier or staying longer.

Here's a peep, below, at our video which gives you a taste of what is to come when you join us.

Places are limited so please contact us as early as possible for full details and to book your place.

Munay Ki in Goa

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