Discovering Our Personal Mythologies
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Discovering our Personal Mythologies with Joe Molloy

Discovering the Myths and Stories we live by.

Join us for this Master Class in personal mythology and myth and discover the hidden stories that we live by and how they "inform" us as we walk through our lives often living out the roles of our hidden mythologies.

We are all inspired, attracted or even sometimes repelled by different stories, myths. Mostly these stories sit in our sub conscious mind, out of our sight, out of our knowing. But they speak to us, whispering continually. Sometimes encouraging and supporting our ever increasing and growing journey, but sometimes their effect is to limit how we live, how we see the world and who we really have the potential to be.

Over our together we will explore our mythological stories and begin to increase our understanding of whether we are living them, or they are living us.

There will be a mixture of individual and group work. The seminar will be interactive and you will be invited to participate in the acting of various drama as we explore different myths. Bring your willingness to join in and also your willingness to explore where you might feel to resist to do so.

If you are working as a therapist/shaman/practitioner with clients, helping them to step out of their old stories and into new ones, then you will find this workshop useful in helping to recognise and understand the mythological basis behind the way they live that keeps them repeating old cycles and patterns, and to help them to create a new and authentic personal mythology that helps them grow into the incredible and amazing beings that they came here to become.

Through exploring our own stories, and working together as a group you will practice different skills and techniques to help you go deeper into a conscious relationship with your understanding and relationship with your stories, and also develop the understanding of how you may use these skills with your clients.

Over the days we share together we will explore mythologies that reveal the relationships we all hold with both the masculine and feminine in our every day lives and relationships, and within the sense of our sacred relationship with these archetypes. We will also be exploring how some of the traditional initiations, rites of passage and attunments of the Incas can support us on these journeys

Things you will need to bring:

~ Notebook/journal and pen.

~ A personal story or myth that appeals or interests you. There are many versions, interpretations of classic myths. Your story may be an ancient telling of the mythology, or a more modern one. Many stories have different faces, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Persephone, Inanna, Iron John, Superman, Hercules, A Knights Tale (Heath Ledger!), Percival, Gawain, The Holy Grail, King Arthur, Walt Disney's adaptations, The Grimm's Fairy Tales, Harry Potter, ancient myths and stories as well as more modern ones. You will find it useful to read through your story a few times before the workshop/seminar. Get a 'feel' for the characters and notice who you identify with.

~ A willingness to explore your resistance and an openness to let go of stories and limitations that no longer help you grow, but may have helped you in the past to 'fit in' or 'survive.'

~ An openness to participate in the telling and enactment of the stories of others, understanding that there are many expressions of the same stories, but only a few themes from which they originate. And that there is always a gift for each of us in exploring the stories of others. In so many ways, their stories will also always be your own.

Currently I am running this workshop on an annual basis in Athens.

For more information and to reserve your place please get in touch:

+44 (0) 7986 887224

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